Why Morgan-Press ?

The press is compact, complete, and compatible with most shop or light production areas. Many use their Morgan-Press for prototyping, marketing samples and initial or even final production. Some move their Morgan-Press among different departments to fully utilize the benefits when and where most needed.

Faster return on your investment

Morgan-Press allows major savings of time and money on these shorter runs because it:

  • Uses low-cost tooling, usually made of aluminum “in-house.”
  • Is quick and easy to change molds and materials to make different parts.
  • Enables you to control part inventories and lead times.
  • Processes a full range of thermoplastic materials.

Many of our Morgan-Press users state that their unit paid for itself within the first year. We invite you to do the same, generating significant profits and making a real name for yourself in your company.

Economical, versatile, quick & easy setup and operation

Morgan-Press plastic injection molding machines are:

  • Economical – low-cost tooling – usually of aluminum
  • Versatile – molds most thermoplastics – manual & semi-automatic
  • Quick & easy setup and operation
  • Fast project turn around – shortens lead times
  • Large capacity – 2 or 4 oz. prototype shot size (up to 6 cu. in.)

Available Models: Morgan’s plastic injection molding machines

Proven in various applications for more than 35 years

Morgan-Presses have a record of reliable, profitable operation for hundreds of large and small companies since 1968.

Commitment to customer’s success

Since its inception in 1968, Morgan Industries has specialized in the design and manufacture of efficient, low-volume injection molding equipment. With facilities and capabilities geared to this one goal, our extensive experience is available to help satisfy your particular requirements.

We provide evaluation of your plastic injection molding applications at no cost. No obligations.

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