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Morgan Industries Injection Molding Solutions – Morgan Industries Inc.

Save money, save time, and save yourself the trouble of stressing over ROI. Based in Southern California, Morgan Industries Inc. provides machines for optimal plastic injection molding. Any entity in the United States who wants control of their part inventories and lead times needs our products.

Morgan Industries Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of efficient, low-volume injection molding equipment. Our key product is MORGAN-PRESS®, an injection molding system with innumerable applications, and even more advantages. It can mold almost all thermoplastics, and it does so quickly through streamlined setup and operations. Clients often use the press for the medical, electrical, and automotive part production, but any business involved in prototyping and product design can save money and time with our machine.

MORGAN-PRESS features fast turnaround times, prototype shot sizes as large as 4 oz. by 6 cu. in., and the reliability desired by every industry involved in plastic injection molding. Morgan Industries Inc. spent more than 50 years perfecting our machines to handle every task more efficiently than our competitors, and the results speak for themselves.


No Cost, No-Obligation Evaluation of Your Plastic Injection Molding Applications.

Contact Our Plastic Injection Experts

Since 1968, Morgan Industries Inc. has been committed to the success of our customers. Now, as a leading force in the plastic injection field, we continue to help manufacturers, universities, material quality testers, R&D labs, and engineers reach for success.

With facilities and capabilities geared to making plastic injection molding as efficient and cost-productive for your business as possible, you can access our extensive experience to satisfy any requirement.

If you are ready to improve ROI through more efficient injection molding methods, you can ask Morgan Industries Inc. to evaluate your current molding applications and draft an improvement plan, no cost or obligations required. Contact us today and schedule your evaluation.

P: (800) 222-6929
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