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Small Plastics Molder for teaching and R & D

Morgan-Press, a compact plastics injection molding machine, has proved to be an ideal teaching device for industrial and vocational schools as well as an invaluable lab instrument at specialty and research centers. The Morgan-Press presents a "hands on" means of learning the major facets of modern plastics injection molding technology. The thermoplastic molding process can be demonstrated using virtually the entire spectrum of available resin materials. The molding machine's ability to use simple tooling and unmounted molds provides an economical way to teach and test mold making in the machine shop and make experimental engineering parts. Its compactness and portability provide a means of demonstrating in convenient locations using minimum space.

Simple power requirements (120 volt electrical/compressed air) facilitate set-up and operation in most classroom and shop areas and with low operating cost. Originally designed for prototype and specialty short-run production, the Morgan-Press is regularly used by industry for molding such diverse parts as precision gears, heart valve components, electronic encapsulations, quality control test specimen to name a few. It can produce parts up to 6 cubic inches (4 oz.) in a single shot.

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