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The Plastic Injection Machine for Prototypes & Products in California

As you search for the right plastic injection machine for your business, you may quickly notice that many of the machines on the market today are simply not cost-effective for your needs. As a veteran of Southern California’s molding injection industry, Morgan Industries Inc. has seen how critical it is for larger and smaller businesses to have a molding machine that offers superior flexibility.

Because our machine is cost-effective to use and can easily be converted for use on various types of projects, it could be the right solution for you.

MORGAN-PRESS® is already being used effectively in a wide range of industries and for many purposes. Some of these include aerospace components, automotive components, medical laboratories, encapsulations, cable assemblies, computer electronics, research and development, test specimens, and more.

A Plastic Molding Machine Suitable for Your Short-Run Needs

MORGAN-PRESS is an innovative, compact plastic molding machine that is the ideal equipment for short-run needs. Morgan Industries Inc. is excited to answer your questions about our molding machine so that you can determine if it is a good fit for your operational needs.

MORGAN-PRESS is specifically designed for short runs involving quick adjustments. It can be used for marketing samples, instrumentation, engineering prototypes, new product design, model toys, medical and dental products, and material quality testing, to name a few possible applications.

When you utilize this press in your operations, you can take advantage of shorter lead times, versatility through manual and semi-automatic functions, and the ability to use different thermoplastic materials based on your specific needs.

We look forward to helping your company create the products you need. Call Morgan Industries, Inc. today to learn more about our machines.

P: (800) 222-6929
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