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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a practical short-run for a Morgan-Press?

Some jobs have been justified to mold a single part, yet others with piece requirements up to 50,000 per year are economically practical. Any quantity in between should be evaluated for the Morgan-Press. Note: Generally the larger the part, the lower the expected quantity.

Are any special skills needed to operate a Morgan-Press?

No. We’ve found that almost anyone with practical shop skills can quickly learn to produce at rates of up to 180 shots per hour.

How does a Morgan-Press eliminate expensive molds with long lead times for prototype and short-run work?

Most users make their own tooling in-house on basic machine shop equipment – typically with free machining materials such as aluminum or tool steel. Also, mold design is reduced to the essentials of cores and cavities in unmounted, hand-operated tooling. This largely eliminates the additional fabrication required for expensive production tools. The total result is a dramatic savings in cost and time.

What kind of savings can be achieved with the Morgan-Press tooling concept?

We’ve found that as a rough rule of thumb, prototype and short-run tooling costs approximately 1/10 that of conventional production tooling.

What capital payback can be expected on a Morgan-Press?

Most good applications show a six-month or less payback.

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